Content Writing vs Copywriting : Which is your first choice ?

When you are asked the same kind of questions repeatedly, you develop a keen interest in that particular topic.


This happened to me when I have encountered these questions, what is Content writing and Copywriting. 


Not only this, mostly there is confusion between Copyright and Copywriting, mostly it is considered the same.

But there a day and night difference between these two.


Copyright is an Intellectual Property right and Copywriting is the art of writing a copy with the purpose of advertising and marketing.


Confronting the same issue, I thought of writing it down to give an explanation to solve the query for the larger audience base.


So, the big question is :


What is Content Writing and Copywriting?


What is the difference between Content Writing or Copywriting?


Given a choice, which will be your first choice as a Career?



Let us first understand the simple meaning of Content.


According to Wikipedia, Content is Information and experiences created by individuals, institutions, and technology to benefit audiences in contexts that they value.


Content is also “ something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.


What is Content Writing?


The act of creating content for the internet by planning, writing, and editing web content. It helps in providing solutions for particular problems for a certain set of audiences. Often Content is referred to be as a very broad term where you have to convey your message through words.



Content writing encompasses blog posts, social media posts, white papers, ebooks with a purpose to educate, inform and delight your audience with a particular topic.



Other examples of Content Writing is ebook, webpages, blogs, videos, podcasts.



The main goal of Content writing is to answer the distinct questions and solve the problems by providing information and value.



Content writing is focused on creating an engagement with your audience over a period of time. This builds a trust factor in you and ultimately creates interest in your product and services.



The content writer generally creates content which the reader wants to read, with an intention to rank in the search engine. This helps in getting traffic, organic searches, and leads.



The main goal of a content writer is to information. So content should be easy to read and understand. The reader should feel fully informed and convinced after reading a piece of content.



What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is the art of writing a copy with the purpose of advertising and marketing. The end product called a Copy or Sales copy is written content with the sole purpose to create awareness and ultimately persuade the group to take action. 



Copyblogger famously says: “Copywriting without content is a waste of good copy,” and “content without copywriting is a waste of good content.”


Comparison between Content Writing and Copywriting


Content Writing  Copywriting
Purpose Engagement driven

Informative & Promote Brand Loyalty

Sales driven

Sell & Convert

Objective Branding Sales
Length Its is long It is short and crisp
Goal Encourage loyalty and engage properly Sell a product or convert a customer with a clear call to action CTA
  • Online and Offline Ads
  • Slogans 
  • Taglines
  • Web pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Television commercial
  • Radio commercial
  • Video scripts
  • Catalogs
  • Billboards
  • Sales letters
  • Direct mail letters
  • Social media
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Press Releases 
  • White papers
  • Email newsletters
  • E-books
  • Books
  • Print magazines
  • Podcasts
  • Television
  • Film


Content vs Copywriting


A Content writer generally informs, while a Copywriters generally sells.




Difference between Content Writing and Copywriting



Content does serve a lot of purposes, it attracts an audience, engages them with the information, provides values and solutions. Copywriter on the other hand persuades and convinces them to sell.



A Content writer writes a long-form of copy while a copywriter writes a short form of copy.



A content writer drives organic traffic, while a copywriter converts traffic into lead.



A copywriter creates a sense of urgency while the content writer engages and builds trust.



Copywriter senses urgency and scarcity and wants to take immediate action with an emotional response. On the other hand, the Copywriter uses a compelling headline with proper CTA to take prompt actions.



Content writers are the foundation of future sales.



Even though the content writer does not focus on selling. But they are the foundation for future sales. Over the period of time, their valuable content will produce sales.



Content writers focus on long-term strategy.



Content focuses on providing information and value to their target audiences. This takes time to engage and build trusts, which over time pays off. Copywriters go with a short-term strategy to convert and sell instantly.



Which is a better choice between the two.


The answer to this depends on certain factors. It depends upon the individuals or the business. Both copywriting and content writing are different but have complementary skill sets.


They both have different styles and tricks and need different training. Their way of approach to provide solutions comes from different mindsets.


From the business perspective, if the company is focusing on blogs and needs SEO, then copywriters are not needed. Good engaging and valuable content will serve the purpose of the company.


They only need great content.


My Suggestion


The difference between content writing and copywriting is very significant. Content informs, with the sole purpose of selling later. Copy sells and drives action.


A good blend of content and copy skills will drive the success of your marketing efforts. 



Now coming back to your question on “Which is a better choice Content Writing or Copywriting”?



This is a subjective question. 



And the answer to this lies with you.



It depends on which company you are associated with and what exactly your skill sets are. 



A company focussing on building brand and awareness will pay more to a Content writer. Similarly, a copywriter in a popular advertising firm will earn more than a content writer.



You can be a content writer or a Copywriter or both.



This depends completely on you.




You can share the choice between the two by writing in the comments section below.















7 thoughts on “Content Writing vs Copywriting : Which is your first choice ?”

  1. Even this article is content writing. Content writing is the base, copywriting is the top. Without the base you cannot reach the top.
    Everyone should start with content writing because is offering a logical decision in the buying process. And copywriting only to point WHY you should buy that.
    Without content writing the decision is literally emotional. Dumb decisions do not lead to loyalty. Logical decisions build trust and loyalty.
    Also a good content writer will be an excellent copywriter but not viceversa.
    It is the natural way!


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