The Fundamentals of Content Writing : A Quick Overview for 2021

Some topics create an urge to learn more about the very topics. But, when the same topic comes with several questions, the curiosity level increases exponentially.



And, this has happened to me, when I got a call from one of my friends and she bombarded me with lots of questions related to Content Writing like,



What is Content Writing?



Why is Content writing important?



How to learn Content Writing.



Her words kept haunting me for several days. 



In fact,  I was so puzzled, that I started collecting information related to Content Writing. 



While I was gathering answers to reply to my friend, I thought to myself that there might be many others who might be in such situations, and maybe my piece of information can be a help to others as well. 



So, I came up with an article on “The Fundamentals of Content Writing: A Quick Overview”



Let us first understand the meaning of Content. A fair understanding of Content can help us in understanding the concept of Content Writing.



According to Wikipedia, Content is Information and experiences created by individuals, institutions, and technology to benefit audiences in contexts that they value.



Content is also “ something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.


What is Content Writing?

The act of creating content for the internet by planning, writing, and editing web content. It helps in providing solutions for particular problems for a certain set of audiences.



Often Content is referred to be as a very broad term where you have to convey your message through words.




For Example, a digital marketer sets up a brand new website. He wishes to showcase his product and services, with their unique features and USP.



It will be his content that will help him in positioning his brand and create an image.



Content can be in various forms and can be used by blog posts, emails, scripts of the videos, podcasts, eBooks, infographics, and many more. 



Content writing has several formats like,

A. Academic Writing Formats

  1. Case Studies
  2. CV Writing
  3. Literature Reviews
  4. Book Reviews

B. Copywriting Formats

  1. Headlines
  2. Web Pages & Blog Posts
  3. Email Subject lines
  4. Ads

C. Technical Writing Formats

  1. Lab Reports 
  2. Engineering Design Reports
  3. Project Reports
  4. Quotation
  5. Brochures

D. Business Writing Formats

  1. Memos
  2. Emails’
  3. Meeting Agenda
  4. Business Reports

Why is Content Writing important?



Informative and valuable content attracts the visitor to your site, which engages them with the value they are receiving.



This value creation and problem solution further increase their interest and trust, which ultimately converts them to becoming your customers. 



Content is a very powerful skill showing promising results for a blog, website, or business as a whole.



The demand for content writing is increasing significantly in India. This is one main reason why Content writing jobs in India have taken a leap.



There is this new buzz on How to become a content writer and what are the most relevant scopes and opportunities 

Opportunities of Content Writers


You will be surprised to know, that the scope and opportunities are humongous. You get a platter full of career choices and options.


Some of the career options available in India and across the globe are :


  1. Copywriting: This is going to become the most highly paid job in digital marketing.
  2. SEO Content Writers: SEO Content over content is more preferred.
  3. Blog and Websites: You can set up your own blog and websites.
  4. Sell your articles and Private Labels Rights (PLR) packages.
  5. Freelancing: Start freelancing and become a Freelancer
  6. Get Job: Become a Full-time or Part-time Content writer.
  7. Start your own Agency
  8. Write and Publish your own book
  9. Offer courses and Internship programs.


You may have got some sense of the scopes and the opportunities of Content Writing. 



Now, let’s understand how to become a content writer and what are the skills needed to become a good Content Writer.



A good content writer should possess and enhance the listed skills to make them look the best out of the rest.


1.Good Content writer should be good at different writing styles 

Different services, products, and businesses have different needs and requirements. The writing style should relate to the respective services or business.


Blogging is commonly opinionated and friendly.


White Papers are long and descriptive. Ad copy is short and crisp. Sales copy is focused and persuasive. Press Releases are AP style.


2.Good Content Writer cannot choose any subject and start writing

Choosing the best subject matter can be done by Ideation. Ideation is a process of finding a subject, title, and outlook to write about. They have to :


Understanding their Audience: This is of utmost most importance.


Proper Keyword Research: This can be done by several tools available like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, and many more.


Competition Analysis: This cannot be neglected and can be done by many tools available.


Catchy title: Come up with a catchy title to attract the reader.


3.Good Content writers are original 


Every work of a writer should be original and come out from their own thoughts.


Their own style and perspective make them unique. Plagiarized content is bad for the organization, even more, bad for SEO, and worst for you.


It is your own image that is at stake if you are not original with your own piece of content.


4.Good Content writer should have some basic Computer and Internet Skills


You don’t have to be an expert, just the basics of computer, internet, layout and formatting skills will be more than enough.


This can be in any of the forms like :

  • Online Research
  • Blog and website design
  • Logo design
  • Cover Page and eBook design
  • Proofread 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research


The skills mentioned will help you become a good content writer. Nevertheless, there are some more ingredients that can add to a better taste. These can act as a catalyst to make you more focused and specific.


Choose your Niche: Niche selection is predominantly done, on the basis of talent, passion, and market opportunities.


Build your authority: The best and the easiest way to do this is to run your own blog.


Build your social proof: Be active on forums, community and groups and start sharing your content. Provide value to gain social proof for yourself.


Start Freelancing: There is a huge demand and at the same time immense opportunity in freelancing.


The gig economy is flourishing and it soon will be dominant in India as well.


Upwork, Fiverr, Gigzoe, etc. are some of the few platforms for freelancers and gig workers.


Courses and Certification for Content Writing


If you want to kick start with this program, you can definitely go with the for short-term and certification courses.


There are many courses available online as well offline in India and across the globe. To name some: 


  1. Content Writing Mastery Program by Sanjay Shenoy
  2. Udemy Content Writing Course
  3. IIEDM, Mumbai
  4. Coursera Content Writing Course
  5. TBS The Brand Salon, Mumbai
  6. Inventaq, Bangalore.



Becoming a better version of yours takes time, the same goes with Content Writing.



Even the diamond goes through fire to be the best version of it.


What you have to do is,


  • Read Read and Read, make this your habit.
  • Learn and keep learning, to be the best.
  • Write and write even more to put your thoughts into words. 


These are the simplest mantras you should follow and imbibe.


Content is King
Content is King




I consider this quote from one of my mentors to be very promising. Content without context is Useless”.


This article of his will definitely makes you understand the content in a better way.


Last but not the least, Content writing is just one element of Digital Marketing.


You should have a fair knowledge of digital marketing to become a successful content writer.


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Please share your valuable inputs regarding the article. Also, help me develop other information guides by giving your suggestions.


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