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All those who want a successful career, may it be someone willing to start their career in a fresh way, Students, Graduates, Young Professionals. This is meant for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Question's

1. What is a Career Path?

This is the path or the roadmap which helps you choose and pave the most desired career. This is extremely important for every individual -students, young graduates, or professionals.


2. How to find my interest?

The activities you do often and enjoy doing it again and again during your spare time or leisure time can help you in a career projection that may be rewarding, enjoyable, and valuable.


3. What are skills?

Skills are your ability and capabilities to do something. There are two types of skills -Hard skills and Soft skills.


4. How can I find my Personality?

Personality is the combination of qualities and the way you think, behave and feel as an individual. This forms the main part of your career. There are various assessments to check your personality.


5. What education or training do I need? 

Different careers require different qualifications and skillsets. Research about the time needed market opportunities and money required to get started with your career decision.


6. What are jobs available in this Career?

As per the survey, there are 12000 careers available but unfortunately, the majority of the people know about only a few.


7. Which career has a high salary or how much will I earn?

Different career has different rewards in monetary terms. This should not be the sole purpose or factor while selecting your career.


8. Why should I pursue this career?

Always ask this question to yourself and evaluate which is the best career choice for you. Do not get influenced or distracted by others. This is your career and the choice should be solely yours.

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